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About stainless steel flanges australia . We are a factory of sheets and flanges with a history of over 20 years and are one of the leading suppliers in the industry. We also provide 30% compiled orders for milling cutters, lathes, weld neck flange, sheet metal,australian pressure vessel flanges. resin processing machines and a variety of other machines.
We and our more than 200 partner companies in Asia and Japan will also work out solutions.

Australia stainless steel flanges suppliers factory wholesale
Australia stainless steel flanges suppliers factory wholesale

Stainless steel pipe fittings and flanges for stainless steel applications

  • Piping systems can be connected by butt welding and, in the heavier 40S and 80S projects, by threaded joints.
  • Piping systems can be manufactured by using complementary fittings and flanges. These are specified by the same DN or NPS code and list numbering system as pipes and allow interconnection and connection to equipment such as vessels and valves.

Stainless steel flanges ANSI/ASME australia

Product description
Flange Manufacturers
TypeLong weld neck flange
Norminal pressure150lb, 300lb, 600lb, 900lb, 1500lb, 2500lb
Norminal size1/2inch-24inch
MaterialASTM A182 F304/L, F316/L, F321, F347, F51, F60, 202
Flange faceFlat Face, Raised Face
Raw materialround bar for 24inch below; billet for 24inch above
Heat treatmentsolution and cooling by water
CertificateMTC or EN10204 3.1 as per NACE MR0175
Quality systemISO9001; PED 97/23/EC
Lead time15-30 days depending on quantity
Payment termT/T, L/C
OriginJingjiang, China
Loading portShanghai, China
Package suitable for seaway transportation, ply wooden case with plastic film sealed

What is stainless steel flange?

Stainless steel flanges are used as a means of joining pipes, pipes, valves, pumps, fittings and other australian steel flanges equipment to form a ductwork system.

Flanges are also easy to clean, inspect, or modify,australian stainless flanges usually by connecting two stainless steel flange bolts together and welding them together with a gasket to form a seal.

Our flange – corrosion protection and packaging

Each flange will always have a sealing surface to be protected. australian pressure vessel flanges Additional welding preparation and protection are required for the weld. Whether you want to keep the flange for 2 weeks or 2 years, Boyang has a packaging system to ensure that your weldneck, slide in and louvers reach the installation position intact. More robust corrosion protection can be provided on request.

What is a pipe flange flange?

A steel ring (forged, cut or rolled from a sheet) is used to connect the sections of a pipe, or to connect the pipe to a pressure vessel, valve, pump, or other integral flange assembly.

Flanges are bolted to each other and connected to the piping system by soldering or threaded connections (or loosening when using short ends).

The basic types of flanges are:

  1. Set of wear
  2. Socket welding
  3. blind
  4. Lap joints
  5. Welding neck
  6. hole
  7. The screw thread

choose our stainless steel flange series?

  • Our stainless steel flanges use grade 316 stainless steel design. It is highly resistant to corrosion and has higher resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion in warm chloride environments. Grade 316 stainless steels are also naturally highly resistant to organic chemicals, dyes and a variety of inorganic chemicals.
  • This makes our stainless steel flange range suitable for a wide range of industries. We supply a wide range of stainless steel flanges throughout Australia, so buy our range today!

What kind of flanges and uses have?

Slip-in flange

Slide the flange onto the australian pipe flanges and weld it inside and outside to provide sufficient strength and prevent leakage.australian steel flanges Slip-in flanges can also be used as loose backup flanges when using short transversal ends.

Blind flanges

This is a flange without a center hole, used to close ductwork or container openings

Welded neck flange

This is a flange without a center hole, used to close ductwork or container openings

The lap joint flange

This again resembles a slip-in flange, but has a radius at the intersection of the center hole and the flange face to accommodate the lap short end.

What is the flange sealing surface?

Generally, weldnecks, slip on and blinds are produced as convex, flat or ring joint sealing surfaces according to application requirements. The spiral sealing surface is a specific coating, usually RA 3.2um-6.3um.
Flange standards in Australia and New Zealand specify rough sealing surfaces, usually RA 6.4um-12um.

types of steel flanges

Slide-in flanges slide the flanges across the pipe and are then welded inside and outside to provide sufficient strength and prevent leakage. Slip-in flanges can also be used as loose backup flanges when using short transversal ends. Blind flanges

This is a flange without a center hole, used to close ductwork or container openings

What are our stainless steel flange series?

Stattin stainless stocks various steel flanges. Tube sizes range from 25.4mm to 152.4mm. Pipe sizes range from 15nb to 250nb. We offer the following types with excellent quality:
Sheet D sow tubes and tubes – slip on our grade 316 stainless steel sheet D welded tubes place flanges on round tubes and then weld inside and outside

  1. Table D blind area
  2. Table e sow tube
  3. Table e blind table, table e BSP thread
  4. ANSI 150Lb sow tube
  5. ANSI 150Lb sow tube
  6. ANSI 150 lb blind hole
  7. ANSI 150Lb BSP thread
  8. ANSI 300lb sow tube
  9. ANSI 300 lb blind hole
  10. Din PN16 sow tube
  11. Din PN16 blind hole

Where can I use stainless steel?

  • Stainless steel is widely used in construction, transportation, cooking industry and medical use. No matter what kind of stainless steel you plan to use, Boyang can help you achieve this goal.
  • We export to Australia in a variety of standard and non-standard stock stainless steel pipe sizes and are fully equipped to meet the special needs of major Australian product manufacturers, such as sinks, white goods and auto parts.
  • Our technical expertise and our connections with the world’s leading steel mills in Asia and Europe enable us to continue to meet the most stringent requirements in today’s quality focused competitive market.

We export our range of stainless steel flanges within Australia, so buy our range today!
Our Australian national and state warehouses stock a wide range of standard and non-standard stainless steel tube sizes and are fully equipped with supplies

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